Services oriented to established organizations and products

  • For companies looking for new perspectives on their business approach to satisfy unmet market needs; under reorganization or in transition, we work on:
  • Short, medium and long-term business strategies
  • Analysis of business and governance processes
  • Organizational structures and functional strategy
  • People and change management
  • Marketing and sales strategy, plans and presentations to the international senior management
  • Market research
  • Market access, health economics and outcome research (HEOR)
  • Pharmacovigilance and risk management
  • Integration of business, technical and scientific strategies with internal and external stakeholders


Services oriented towards new players and new products

For companies penetrating new markets who understand the value and cost / benefit of professional services with real life experience in the Americas, we consult on:

  • Feasibility analysis. Entry models. Project management
  • Integrated business and operations strategies
  • Regulatory affairs; registration, pharmacovigilance and risk management
  • Hosting of Medical Devices category 1 – 4
  • Medical affairs; Advisory Boards
  • Marketing and sales strategies. Sales effectiveness
  • Market research
  • Market access, local and regional pricing strategies, HEOR
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Company’s start-up and governance
  • Legal, trade mark and intellectual property
  • Taxes, accounting, administration, money collection, audit, insurances
  • Human Capital. Selection, administration, training and development
  • Telecommunication and Information Technology (IT)