Multinational Partnerships and Fernando Ferrer are active Members of:


the association of over 340 top life science companies of the State of New Jersey, USA


BioNJ Logo

BioNJ’s mission is to advance the biotechnology and biotechnology-related industries in New Jersey for the benefit of the citizens, the economy and patients of New Jersey, the U.S. and worldwide. BioNJ is the trade association for the biotechnology industry in New Jersey founded in 1994 by industry CEOs.


The National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA)


Recognized as the nation’s most prestigious Hispanic organization, NSHMBA has 39 chapters in the U.S. and Puerto Rico serving over 21,000 members since 1988


DIA (Drug Information Association),

is the Global Forum for Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science that provides knowledge resources across the full spectrum of medical product development.


DIA (Drug Information Association) is a global, nonprofit, neutral, multi-stakeholder (including regulators, academia, industry and patients) and member-driven organization, dedicated to meeting the information and educational needs of individuals involved in the development, regulation, and life-cycle management of pharmaceuticals and medical products.


International Cancer Advocacy Network (ICAN)


Mission: to expedite the anticancer drug pipeline at all levels, focusing on cancer patient advocacy, clinical trials advocacy, patient empowerment and clinical trials search tools, and public education and information programs